Muskellunge Club Of Wisconsin

Stocking Data

The Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin's historical stocking efforts go back many years and have occurred on several different lakes throughout Wisconsin. Although our recorded muskie stocking data is only beginning to take shape, we intend to identify as many of the stocking events as we can find. The State of Wisconsin requires a stocking permit each time our club stocks muskies so we've solicited the help of the Wisconsin DNR to locate our club's stocking records. Be sure to let us know if you have any MCW muskie stocking information that is not recorded in our muskie stocking data table so your information can be entered.

MCW has partnered with the Milwaukee Chapter of Muskies Inc (MCMI) several times over the years to make a powerful impact by stocking more muskies than either club could do on their own. In addition, MCW has also combined efforts with John Laimon and the organizers of the 3 Charlies Muskie Tournament, Waukesha County, and Gollon Bait and Fish Farm to improve the fisheries where we have stocked muskies.

The following highlights the more recent muskie stocking events where MCW has been involved. A MCW Stocking Statistics slick sheet is also available which summarizes these more recent and local muskie stocking events.


MCW, MCMI, and Waukesha County

MCW's Commitment - $7840
Waukesha County grant - $4,569.81!

​April - 2 Lakes Stocked

1000 Yearling Muskies = $13,000 (MCW: $2,590)

April 20, 2017: (Link to photos coming soon)
  Okauchee Lake: 750 muskies
  (Note: MCMI (et al.) also stocked Pewaukee Lake: 250 muskies)

In the news: Stocking article in the June 2, 2017 issue of Wisconsin Outdoor News On the Internet: Lake Country Now Video & SE Wisconsin Fishing Report
                        Team Rhino Outdoors Video, Musky Magnet Lures FB Live Video                            8/19/2017 Ultimate Outdoors Radio {interview: 8:28 to 14:35)
MCW Release Article:   April 2017.

​September - 3 Lakes Stocked

1000 Fingerling Muskies = $10,500 (MCW: $5,250)

  September 15, 2017
  Lac La Belle: 300 muskies. (MCW: 200 & MCMI: 100)
  Okauchee Lake: 300 muskies
  (Note: MCMI also stocked Pewaukee Lake: 400 muskies)


A Big Year of Muskie Stocking
MCW, MCMI, Waukesha County, 3 Charlies and Gollon
3 Lakes - 1490 Muskies = $18,370!

MCW's Commitment - $12,075!
Waukesha County grant - $1,980

​April - Okauchee Stocking

1090 Yearling Muskies = $14,170! (MCW: $9,975)

April 12, 2016:   800 muskies.  (Click to see photos)
April 27, 2016:   290 muskies.  (Click to see photos)

In the News: Waukesha County Video & Milwaukee Journal Video Clip & Article.
MCW Release Article:   April/May 2016.
Ben Sieren's article with pics also appeared in MUSKIE (July/August 2016) - Muskies Inc's national magazine.
This stocking article appeared in the April 2017 issue of 30 West Magazine.

​September - 2 Lakes Stocked

400 Fingerling Muskies = $4,200 (MCW: $2,100)

  September 23, 2016
  Lac La Belle: 150 muskies.
  Pewaukee Lake: 250 muskies.

MCW Release Article:   October 2016


MCW, MCMI, and 3 Charlies

MCW's Commitment - $3,000

​September - 2 Lakes Stocked

700 Fingerling Muskies = $7,350

  September 18, 2015
  Lac La Belle: 400 muskies.
  Pewaukee Lake: 300 muskies.
  (Click to see photos)

MCW Release Article:   October 2015.


MCW, MCMI, and Gollon

MCW's Commitment - $2,000

​September - Lac La Belle

387 Fingerling Muskies = $4,064

  September 22, 2014
  (Click to see photos)

In the News: Lake Country Now article #1 & Lake Country Now article #2.
MCW Release Article:   October 2014.


 ​November - 2 Lakes Stocked
250 Extended Growth Leech Lake Muskies = $7,500

  November 2, 2012
  Delavan Lake: 100 muskies - PIT tags installed in all muskies.
  Okauchee Lake: 150 muskies - PIT tags installed in all muskies.
  (Click to see photos) (Click to see photo clip)     

In the News: Milwaukee Journal Article & Delevan Lake Association Article.



MCW's Commitment - $3,000

 ​November - Okauchee Lake
600 Leech Lake Muskies = $6,000

  November 12, 2005
  (Click to see photos)

In the News: MuskieFirst Article.