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Who was Douglas Bournique?

Our Home Page has information stating that the Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin (MCW) was founded back in 1953 and is the oldest fishing club in the world dedicated to muskies and muskie fishing. It was April 13, 1953 when the original Articles of Incorporation was signed and with that, the Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin was formed. Douglas P. Bournique (from Thienesville, Wis) signed that original document and can be credited as the founder of MCW. Other documents name him as our founding club president as well. So, who was Douglas Bournique?

It is with sadness and regret that we have almost no information about our club founder or the origin of our club. As this Douglas Bournique inquiry note was being put together in March 2017 for this webpage, our most tenured club members are in their 70s and early 80s and first joined our club in the mid 1970s. This was 17 years after our club was founded and none of them have any concrete knowledge about our club's founding or the people that were involved. So, we no longer have the ability to obtain first-hand or even second-hand knowledge from our members so were left to wonder.

In mid 2011 our club underwent a pretty major change in leadership with all officers and most board of directors having only a short amount of time as members of MCW By early 2013, they had established themselves and one of the topics the officers and board members were exploring was to understand a little bit about our club's history. They unearthed our club's original 1953 Articles of Incorporation and club Bylaws. It was while reviewing those documents, they learned that our club founder was also our first club president. We still know very little about him, but hope to uncover a little about who he was. When we do, we will share what we learn.

One thing we can surmise about Douglas Bournique is that he was likely a muskie fisherman and had a passion - and the willpower - to form a club of people who shared in his passion. (That was in 1953 - 13 years before Muskies Inc was formed.) Thanks Mr. Bournique for starting MCW - the oldest muskie club in the world!

If you have any information at all about Douglas Bournique or the origin of our club, or if you or someone you know has interest in genealogy and historical research and would like to do some investigating, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance for your help.

Mission Statement (Adopted January 8, 2014)

The Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin is a non-profit organization of anglers that promotes the conservation of a valuable Wisconsin natural resource, the Wisconsin state fish, the Muskellunge – Esox Masquinongy – for present and future fishing enjoyment of MCW members and the general public. MCW events encourage camaraderie, emphasize education and the encouragement of catch and release, and serve as fundraisers for stocking while recognizing, celebrating and upholding the heritage of the club.