Muskellunge Club Of Wisconsin

MCW Welcomes Everyone!

Founded in 1953, the Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin (MCW) is the oldest fishing club in the world dedicated to muskies and muskie fishing. Our club's long history has seen many changes in the sport of muskie fishing with the wide acceptance of catch and release being one of the most notable and positive changes. Our membership includes people from all over the state of Wisconsin as well as other areas of the country. We continue to make history with all the fun things we have to offer you now. Meetings with noted speakers, Milwaukee Muskie Expo, Annual Awards Banquet, Members-only Spring and Fall Leagues, Spring and Fall Outings, Muskie Stocking, Annual Swap Meet. Great things are happening at MCW - consider joining us so you can be a part of what we have going on. Click here for more information about our club. Email to send us a question/suggestion or to request our latest newsletter.


  • April 20, 2017

       Yearling Muskie Stocking
       Okauchee Lake

    - Volunteers needed to distribute muskies around the lake
    - Members watch your email for time and location details
    - Non-members, email us to express your interest.

  • May 10, 2017

    Club Meeting
    Speaker - Adam Glickman
                   Honest Musky TV                River Muskies

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